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A career in nursing provides you with the opportunity to make a difference in peoples' lives, have job security and enjoy diverse job opportunities.  Unfortunately, not all nursing education programs are the same.


Some nursing education programs may not provide the same quality of nursing education or preparation to practice.


Nursing schools may be licensed in the State of Florida, but they may not have accreditation.  Be cautious if you are considering attending a school that is not accreditated!  Individuals who graduate from a non-accreditated school may have more difficulty passing boards, might not be able to pursue higher education and may have difficulty finding employment!


This website has been created to help future nursing students choose the right school!


Considering a nursing career?
Accreditation ensures a quality nursing education!

Nursing school accreditation by a reputable agency ensures the nursing education programs meets quality standards for nursing education.  Nursing education accreditation agencies also assist nursing schools in implementing an educational curriculum that ensures that graduates are prepared to safely practice nursing; are able to meet public health needs and provide value to the student.

If you are thinking about a career in nursing click here for more information.

Thinking about Nursing?

Top questions you need to ask before you enroll in any nursing education program 

What percentage of the students who graduate from the nursing program are able to pass the licensure exam (NCLEX)?

What percentage of graduates from the nursing school are able to find full time employment within on year of graduation?

Is My School Accredited?

It's important to verify your nursing program has been accredited through either the ACEN or the CCNE. Click the link below to find out which Florida schools are accredited.

Is the program you are considering enrolling in accredited by a reputable national accreditation agency (AACN or CCNE)?

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